More driving enjoyment from less fuel

Thanks to clever innovations like SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY, Mazda3 has less of an impact on the environment. New-generation engines generate more performance from less fuel, while a lighter chassis helps improve efficiency. Clever features like i-stop save you even more fuel. It turns off the engine when you come to a halt, restarting the instant you want to move.

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SKYACTIV Efficiency

Mazda3 achieves outstanding fuel economy

A fundamental redesign of the internal combustion engine lifts performance, while cutting fuel consumption by up to 25% over the previous model.

At the same time, we’ve advanced both manual and automatic transmissions to enhance driving enjoyment and improve fuel economy.

Our clever i-stop system reduces fuel consumption

Come to a stop and i-stop automatically turns off your engine to save fuel. The engine is perfectly positioned to leap back into action, so restarting takes much less time than conventional systems.



We’ve re-examined every component to strengthen the sense of ‘oneness’ between car and driver. For nimble handling and refinement, the lightweight front strut and rear multi-link suspension uses firmer bushings and totally revised geometry. Innovative welding of the front and rear cross members achieves impressive stiffness with low weight. Fuel-saving electric power-assisted steering features a high ratio for quick handling, yet delivers great stability at all speeds.