The freedom to really move

Quick-steering, spirited and confident, Mazda CX-3 is liberated by lightweight SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY. Responsive power is enjoyed with exceptional fuel economy, no matter which form you choose; punchy 2.0 litre petrol, or keenly muscular 1.5 litre turbo diesel. Transmissions are sports-minded and refined in either automatic or manual.

You’ll be nimble and smooth-riding as you carve through the city, or head for what’s beyond. Mazda CX-3 offers front-wheel drive, or the extra grip of all-wheel drive. So you can take the fun just about anywhere you can imagine.

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Driving enjoyment is essential to Mazda. It’s in our DNA, and every car we make. But we’re also committed to reducing environmental impact as much as possible. It’s a tough challenge, but it led us to a breakthrough – SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY.

Wherever more efficiency could be unlocked, we’ve done so. Put simply, we’ve re-engineered every aspect of Mazda6 to heighten the thrill of the drive with improved fuel economy.


SKYACTIV-G 2.0L Petrol Engine

A new generation internal combustion engine generates more performance from less fuel. Precise multi-hole direct injection minimises fuel use. A unique piston design improves combustion to boost power and lower emissions. Reduced friction liberates extra power, while a 4-2-1 exhaust layout lifts efficiency.

The 4-cylinder engine delivers a sporty 109kW of power and 192Nm of torque; using as little as 6.1 litres of fuel every 100km*.

*Combined fuel consumption figures are based on ADR81/02 test results. 6.1L/100km applies to FWD Auto models only.


SKYACTIV-D 1.5L Diesel Engine

A far lower compression ratio than conventional diesels enables lighter construction. With reduced friction and inertia, sporty power flows right up to 5,500rpm. High-dispersion fuel injectors and variable valve lift optimise economy. Specially developed stepped pistons help the 4-cylinder engine produce 77kW and a muscular 270Nm of torque, using as little as 4.8 litres of fuel per 100km*.

A light, ultra-compact turbocharger boosts efficiency to help SKYACTIV-D meet Euro stage V emissions standards.

*Combined fuel consumption figures are based on ADR81/02 test results. 4.8L/100km applies to FWD Auto models only.


SKYACTIV-Drive Automatic Transmission

Combines the best aspects of conventional automatic, continuously variable and dual clutch transmissions. The 6-speed transmission connects directly with the engine across a far wider range than other automatics for increased fuel economy and more direct power delivery. Shifts are fast and refined.


SKYACTIV-MT Manual Transmission

The 6-speed SKYACTIV-MT manual transmission delivers accurate, sports-car style shifting through simplified design and a precision mechanism. More compact and much lighter than comparable transmissions, it significantly cuts friction to improve fuel economy.

Intelligent All-Wheel Drive

Intelligent All-Wheel Drive

Mazda CX-3 offers an intelligent on-demand system that actively distributes torque under electronic control.

i-ACTIV AWD sources information from 27 different sensors to predict changes in driving conditions, including road surface, weather, driver intentions and more to offer maximum grip and vehicle control just when you need it. All of this while achieving excellent fuel economy.

Available on select models.



New-generation design and materials maximise lightness while achieving high rigidity. Key joints are strengthened by advanced techniques requiring no heavy reinforcement. High and ultra-high tensile steel cuts weight and boosts strength.

Despite being light, Mazda CX-3 delivers world class collision protection.



The sense of ‘oneness’ between car and driver is heightened through careful optimisation throughout. Agility and high refinement are ensured by lightweight front strut and rear torsion beam suspension employing firm bushings and precise geometry. Electric power-assisted steering delivers secure yet responsive handling, and also saves fuel.


A unique approach to saving fuel